Saltford Motors Corsa-e

All-electric Corsa-e

Where will 30,000 free miles take you?

Benefits of going electric

  • £2,500 government grant (PiCG)2
  • £0 road tax and £0 congestion charge
  • 1% Benefit in Kind (2021/2022) for company car drivers
  • Free 6-month subscription to bp pulse public charging network

Driving experience

Instant power and fun

Introducing New Corsa-e. Delivering effortless acceleration, the 100% electric engine glides from 0-60-mph in just 7.6 seconds and achieves an instant 260Nm of torque. When driving in B-mode, the regenerative braking system returns most of the energy from braking back to the battery, helping to reserve your range.

There’s also a choice of driving modes. Increase the fun with Sport mode or switch to Eco mode and boost your range. And with no noise or tailpipe emissions, it’s a clean drive that’s better for the environment. Why not see for yourself.

Cheaper costs

Serious savings

Switching to electric means lower running, operating and maintenance costs. For extra peace of mind, the Corsa-e also comes with 8 years free battery warranty and roadside assistance.

Want to see the cost savings for yourself? Use our cost comparison tool which compares running and total cost of ownership costs of the Corsa-e against its petrol and diesel equivalent engines. Text here ...


Drive for miles

Powered by a next-generation 50kWh lithium-ion battery, Corsa-e can take you up to 209 miles (WLTP)1 on a single charge. That’s impressive.

And when you’re on the road and need to charge up, there’s over 26,000 charging points across the UK which can easily let you do this. You can obtain up to 80% of the vehicle charge in 30 minutes from a 100kW** charging station, meaning it’s quick too.

Find your nearest charging points and map out your next journey using our tool below. Text here ...