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Our exclusive benefits club

Saltford Motors Partners
Saltford Motors Partners

What is Vauxhall Partners?

Partners is our exclusive benefits club for employees and members of

Vauxhall's Partnered associate companies and organisations.

Partners members can purchase our new vehicles for a partners price on the Vauxhall Store.

​Do I qualify?

You can qualify as a Partner if you:

  • Work for Vauxhall or a Vauxhall Retailer, or receive a Vauxhall pension
  • Work for the NHS or public sector (including Police, Firefighters and Civil Service).
  • Serve in HM forces (based in the UK) or receive a military pension
  • Work for, or are a member of, a company in Partnership with Vauxhall, including Costco, Unison and Aldi.
You can see the full breakdown of all eligible sectors here.